HIGER Commercial Vehicle Warranty Terms

1.     Warranty: On premises that the vehicle is operated on the regulated conditions and within the regulated period, the vehicle shall be repaired and the defected parts shall be replaced free of charge to ensure the normal work of the vehicle in case of vehicle defects or parts failure(ineffectiveness) resulting from the design, manufacture, assembly and material quality.

2.     Warranty period: at most 36 months or 100000km, whichever comes first.

2.1    The warranty period begins from the day that the vehicle is delivered to the customer (invoice date) or three months from the day the vehicle leaves HIGER factory (date on the vehicle nameplate), whichever comes first and ends at the last day of the regulated period or when running for the regulated distance.

2.2    The warranty shall be implemented according to the different warranty items. Please refer to 2.1

3.     Warranty scope: In case of the defects resulting from the manufacture or the material quality within the warranty period, the vehicle is promised to be repaired free of charge.

3.1    Repair or replace the defect parts.

3.2    Provide the requisite material when repairing or replacing the defect parts.


HIGER Pick-up Warranty Terms

1.     WarrantyIndicating the free repair or part change for various malfunction or part damage(losing or function)due to product design, production, assembly or material quality under the stipulated operation conditions and within the stipulated period, so as to ensure the normal operation of vehicle.

2.     Warranty period: HIGER Bus provides the vehicles with the warranty service within 3 years or 100000km (whichever comes first).

The vehicle warranty period starts when the vehicle is handed over for use (namely the date on the purchase invoice) and terminates on the last day of stipulated period or stipulated running mileage. The vehicle can receive the warranty service as per the stipulations for different items with the warranty period.

3.     Warranty scope: the scope within which the promised free repair is provided for the vehicle defects related with material quality or manufacturing technology within the vehicle warranty period.

3.1   Expenses for man hours necessary for repair or change of faulted parts.

3.2   Materials necessary for repair or change of faulted parts.

3.3   Rescue service expenses.