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Across the Tibet plateau,witness the premium quality of Higer pickup

Source: Time:2011-12-12

Across the Tibet plateau,witness the premium quality of Higer pickup

Is it suitable for a bus manufacturing enterprise to develop pickup products? Can the quality be guaranteed? Maybe many people and dealers had this doubt in hearing Higer Bus Company Limited want to stretch its business into pickup industry. However, just as an old saying goes, no investigation, no right to speak. What is the performance of Higer pickup? With this question, we visited Higer′s franchise dealership in Tibet.


                                    Does the vision impact makes you think about the official car?

                             The back seat is definitely comfortable than other brands of Chinese pickup

                                      The instrument board and steering wheel are acceptable

When I was wondering the quality and price of Higer pickup, two of which were approaching, with mud all around the body.

According to my understanding, these two pickups just returned successfully for the Tibet station touring exhibition. Although with mud around, their sport ability was fully presented.


                                                           Although with muddy body, they endured intense challenge

According to the driver who attended this touring exhibition, I knew that it took them ten days to touring through two Tibet counties, one in the south, and the other in the north. The one-way mileage was over 1,000 kilometers, across two districts and nine counties. Higer pickup is named “Keka”, which is the first one I ever heard in the pickup industry. I checked on the pickup which successfully across the Tibet plateau, and found its overall condition was perfect. Through this plateau touring exhibition, Higer “Keka” endured the severe test, and its high quality and ability was further verified.

                                                  Entering into the northern prairie of Tibet


                                                      Passing through bumpy and narrow mountain road


 During the whole visiting and through the introduction of local dealers, I was deeply impressed by the concept of “Keka”, I was wondering if there were some connections between this nomination and the Higer bus. In order to unlock this question, I plan to visit the head quarter of Higer Bus Company Limited in the near future, which is located at Suzhou Industrial Park. Please pay close attention to our later report.


Across Budanla Mountain (with altitude height of 4910 meters)