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Higer Pickup sails overseas Obtained 100 piece KD order

Source: Time:2011-12-12

Higer Pickup sails overseas  Obtained 100 piece KD order

Source: Higer light duty vehicle    Publish time: 2011-10-28


Autumn in October is the harvest season, on October 26, Higer overseas sales company signed a contract with Jiangsu Qiyuan group and Ethiopia ADIKA TOURAND TRAVEL PVT.LTD.CO. Involving 100 pickup KD order, which marked the formal launch of Higer pickup KD project in Ethiopia and also proved that Higer has made a significant breakthrough in overseas markets.


“Coming from bus giant, leading pickup revolution.” Higer pickup officially came into the market in May 2011, and has made significant breakthrough in Algeria, Qatar, and Ethiopia markets during the past several months. This apparently showed the natural market advantages of Higer pickup.


Ethiopia is the political center of Africa, the capital Addisababa is the location of the headquarters of the Africa Union. In November 2007, the Eastern Industrial Park won the bidding (held by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce) of constructing the second batch of overseas Chinese economic and trade cooperation zone, and it is the first national economic and trade cooperation zone constructed in Ethiopia by China. Jiangsu Qiyuan Group is the first private enterprise of science and technology to invest in Ethiopia, and it is the sponsor and complementation leader of the Eastern industrial park project.

The visitors include the president of ADIKA Group Mr. AWAD MOHAMMED and his wife, the president of Jiangsu Qiyuan Group Lu qiyuan and the board chairman of Jiangsu Qixin Group Lu qixin. The general manager of the overseas sales company Ma rentao, the assistant general manager Shenning and the vice general manager of Higer′s Light Duty Vehicle department Zhao baiyang attended the negotiation.

In the meeting, both sides showed their strong will of long term cooperation, and decide that Higer pickup will roll off the production line in Ethiopia Eastern industrial park before the end of 2011. Moreover, they aimed to reach the production and sales of 100 pickups in 2012.

After the meeting, the general manager of the Light Duty Vehicle department Ji yongping, showed the customers around the pickup workshop, let them to have trial drive, and listened to their requirements and suggestions.