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Higer Pickup Participates in Dakar Rally

Source: Time:2012-07-25

Higer Pickup Participates in Dakar Rally

Higer Pickup, since its market launch, has been widely favored both at home and abroad. It is not only sold in many foreign markets such as Africa, Middle East, South America and etc, but also active in the participation in many professional car races.


For the first time Higer Pickup participated in an international A-level car race, Dakar Rally held in South America on July, 2012, it got famous for its outstanding performance of the fifth place of all participation groups and the first place of self-owned brand. As a “new brand” coming into pickup industry for only more than one year, that surely drew wide attention from local media and customers.  

The Dakar Rally, launched in 1978, is considered as the toughest rally in the world and also a game for the brave. As the toughest and most adventurous rally, it has become a world mania for the pursuit of car fans. For the 2012 Dakar Rally, the course, divided into 14 segments and nearly 9,000 km in total, started from the port city Mar del Plata of Argentina near Atlantic coast, all the way to the north, run through Chile and arrived the capital of Peru—Lima. The deserts, the Gobi desert, the dusty road conditions, the Andes with an altitude of 4,700 m and the high temperature above 50 imposed an all-sided challenge on both the racing car and the driver. The car group all together had 171 cars but only 78 completed the race. The finishing rate was 45% which was the lowest since the Dakar Rally moved to South America.

The course with that tough environment, long distance and high intensity further verified
the high quality of Higer Pickup. The performance in Dakar Rally not only increased the trust of foreign customers but also enhanced the reputation of Suzhou Higer Pickup in South American market. The Dakar Rally has already become a name card for developing foreign market. Asiana, Higer dealer in Paraguay, said: “the performance of Higer Pickup has drawn wide attention from local media. Higer Pickup will definitely obtain a broad market in Paraguay and in South America for its high quality and property.”

The pickup participated in the Dakar Rally is the new
Isuzu pickup of Higer -- Yu Jun Pickup. It is a new generation of pickup developed by the well-known Chinese enterprise—Suzhou King Long by integrating with the design concept of SCANIA, a famous Swedish truck brand and an import international partner, referring to the newest car model of international famous brand—Isuzu, which has a very important position in domestic pickup market, and utilizing its excellent technology in buses for the purpose of promoting the upgrading of Chinese pickup industry.

The new Isuzu pickup of Higer has innovatively introduced the classics of full-bearing bus chassis of Suzhou King Long and has initiatively adopted the bus chassis technology like bus ABS system. Thereby the safety, drivability, reliability, economy, comfort and carrying ability are all significantly improved. The outstanding performance at the Dakar Rally on July 2012 has fully proved Higer’s quality and process and also all-roundly demonstrated its unique technique in safety design, comfort design, dynamic configuration, chassis and etc.
Higer, the pride of Chinese brand!