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HIGER pick-up entrers Bahrain

Source:Gulf Daily News Wednesday, 27th March 2013 Time:2013-04-02

HIGER Pick-up announced an entry into the Bahrain market in partnership with A A Bin Hindi Group on 27th match 2013.

A.A. Bin Hindi Brand Manager,John Joseph, said: “Higer has already penetrated the Middle East market successfully especially in Qatar where Higer buses are very popular. Higer’s line of buses will be suitable especially for Hajjpilgrimage tours as well as for mass transport. Higer also specialises in emergency response vehicles especially for transferring disaster victims en masse. The Ministry of Interior in Bahrain has already purchased three Higer units.”

He highlighted that what separates Higer from other brands is its price range while providing more luxurious amenities within.

Established in 1998 in China’s world-renowned Singapore-Suzhou Industrial Park, HIGER quickly became the fastest growing bus company in China’s industry. Now 15 years later, all HIGER products are produced in a state-of-the-art 800,000 sqm base which houses cutting edge manufacturing technology.


HIGER today exports its products to 85 countries worldwide in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, East Europe and the Americas. Over the past 15 years, HIGER earned ISO/TS 16949 certificate for quality management, the CCC and Exemption from Inspection for Export of China. The company has fashioned 50 series and 300 models since the inception of the Company. HIGER’s R&D has also been a cause for admiration the world over. They became the first company to introduce G-BOS intelligence operation system giving them complete control of operation management.


HIGER’s product design, safety and manufacturing standards have impressed one and all. World-renowned brands like SCANIA have chosen HIGER as the global choice to manufacture their products.


 “The decision for obtaining brand HIGER was a strategic move to us and by this, we will complete the light commercial vehicle and large commuter transportation vehicle model deficit we had in our exiting range,” said A.A. Bin Hindi Group General Manager,Mohammed Bin Hindi.