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Exhibition Report to the 34th Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS)

Source: Time:2013-01-07

The 34th Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) was held at the show center in Jeddah during December 24 to 28 (17:00-22:00) of Saudi’s local time. It is one of the biggest international motor shows in Saudi and 33 shows have been successfully held so far. This year’s exhibitors range from various auto makers, local dealers, auto modification companies to manufacturers of auto parts throughout the world. And 13 auto manufacturers have participated in this show, of which 5 are China’s domestic brands as HIGER, Morris Garage, Lifan, Geely and Zhengzhou Nissan. And the other seven foreign manufacturers are Toyota, Hyundai, Tata, GMC, Cadillac, etc. Agent of our company rent a 200-square meter exhibition stand and two sets of multi-media exhibition equipment, and a 6125B, V7, light bus as well as 2 pickups were sent for the exhibition. Among various vehicles shown in the exhibition, our 6125B has drawn much attention with its magnificent and handsome appearance and its luxurious internal decoration. And some high-end customers have consulted us that whether our 6125B can be converted into motor home, etc. Meanwhile, the exhibition is also the first show of our light buses in Saudi, which have great appeal to local customers, and questions as the price
of the bus, configuration as well as whether we have showroom or not.Meanwhile, bosses of various major transportation companies also visited our exhibition stand, and many of them are our regular customers, and our workers had sincere and warm talks with them and expressed our gratefulness for their long-term support, besides, there were still hopes that they could continue to support HIGER as before!

Saudi Arabia has the biggest motor market in the gulf area, where the sales have maintained sustainable growth year by year, which has made auto makers throughout the world attach great attention to this rich land. Nowadays, under the background of the slowdown of global economic growth, Saudi remains to keep its dynamic economy and commercial flexibility as well as the potential for sustainable growth for each auto makers, thus it is one of HIGER’s most important markets in Middle East or even the world. This exhibition has played a good role in publicity, especially the debut of our light bus, has fill the blank of our company in the car market. And in our subsequent work, based on the combination of features of the local market as well as experience of other leading brands, we will constantly improve our light buses to improve HIGER’s competitiveness.