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Higer commercial vehicle is a high-grade vehicle aiming at global business travel market. Adopting Hiace V body design, the vehicle has graceful and luxurious appearance. Special interior design enables it to have large space which makes passenger more comfortable .In addition, the vehicle is equipped with various luxurious equipment, including electronic voice navigation system, NVH system, overhead-mounted air conditioner and heater, negative-ion air cleaner and DVD player, which enable you to enjoy a pleasant driving and riding. The vehicle is also installed with an energy-saving engine which meets the Euro-Ⅳ emission standard, by which the strong power will accompany you throughout the travel.

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Model 4RB2
4G69 DK4B1
Emission Level Sino III Sino IV Sino IV Sino
Displacement (cc) 2438 2438 2378 2498
Fuel Type 93# Gasoline 93# Gasoline 93# Gasoline 0# Diesel
Max. Power (kw/rpm) 102 102 100 85
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 217/2600-3200
Max.Speed (km/h) 130 130 130 120
Overall L x W x H (mm) 5380 × 1880 × 2285 5380 × 1880 × 2285 5380 × 1880 × 2285 5380 × 1880 × 2285
Wheelbase (mm) 3110 3110 3110 3110
Wheel Track Front/Rear (mm) 1655/1650 1655/1650 1655/1650 1655/1650
Min. Turning Radius(m)
6.25 6.25 6.25 6.25
Laden Weight (kg) 3300 3300 3300 3300
Curb Weight (kg) 2130 2130 2130 2130
Seating Capacity 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15
Tyre 195R15C 195R15C 195R15C 195R15C
Drive Style Front Engine Rear Drive 
Steering Hydraulic Aid 
Clutch Singlechip、Hydraulic
Transmission  5 Speed MT 
Brake Front/Rear Front Disc/Rear Drum 
Suspension Front/Rear
Front Double Wishbone Independent Suspension/Rear Variable Stiffness Spring                             
Air Cleaner
Seat Cover Material (Fabric)
Window Glass 
Exterior Mirror   
Interior Mirror(Antidazzle) 
Side Sliding Door    
A/C (Conditioner)    
A/C Inlet Filtration System   
Independent  A/C Wind Outlet 
Front Heater   
Rear Heater     
Central Door Lock   
Power Window (Driver Window & Front-Passenger Window)  
Steering Wheel(Adjustable)  
Power Steering    
AM/FM Radio  
CD Player  
Loud Speaker    
Storage Box    
Cup Holder           
Independent Seat Belt   
Brake Pedal Energy Absorber 
Rear Windshield Wiper   
Rear Windshield  Washer  
Rear Windshield  Defroster
High Position Brake Lamp      
Brake Pedal Energy Absorber 
Alloy wheel    
Distance Checker (Rear Only)  
Sliding Side Window   
GPS&DVD&Reverse Monitor  
 Cooler Box   
Distance Checker (Front Only)  
Disc Brake (4 Wheels)  
Standard Fabric Seat
Luxurious Decorating Feet Cushion    
Manual Folding LCD Display
Shouldermounted Two-seat   
Folding Two-seat     
Air Seat(Adjustable Backrest & Sliding 13Seats)     
Fabric Administrative Adjutable Seat WithArmrest      
Leather Seat Cover   
Rotary Seat   
Front-sliding Seat   
VIP Table    
Luxurious Floor    
Chrome-plating Electic Rearview Mirror
-Stardard                   ○-Optional